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With the increasing competition in the global markets, there is significant pressure on all organizations to reduce costs, be more productive, achieve faster growth with minimum resources, and provide the best services to customers. This challenge is being handled using the latest technology and tools like a CMMS-based management System. The CMMS software provides an effective solution to manage your business facilities on a single platform.

Businesses need to manage their facilities, whether small or big scale. However, managing the business facilities requires effort, time, and money. With CMMS, managing a company can not just be efficient but low-cost, productive, and more streamlined than ever. Take a look at why CMMS-based facilities management is the future for any organization.

What is CMMS?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS is integrated software used in a facility management system. It helps maintenance managers to keep track of the maintenance and repair history of any facility or building. CMMS is the process or management system through which the maintenance is performed most effectively, and the cost of operation is decreased in the long run. Although CMMS is mainly used to manage maintenance and repairs, It can also efficiently manage human resources, budget, service requests, planning maintenance activities, and generating the necessary reports.

It takes care of every minute aspect of facilities management which automates the entire process leaving the user with more time to dedicate to the organization. It also gives the managers a better view of the real-time efficiency of the facility and workflow bottlenecks on a single screen at any time.

Importance of CMMS in Facility Management

The use of CMMS has many advantages in facilities management. Right from handling inventory to managing efficiency, a CMMS will help a manager in every aspect of facilities management. Here are some crucial reasons why facilities management today needs a CMMS upgrade.

Enhance Workflow Efficiently

Using CMMS, a custom workflow can be created for each product type. With required approvals, limits & budgetary requirements set in for automated and enhanced workflow efficiency. It can also help you track the volume of each workflow transaction and other parameters like profit, time, etc.

Improve Productivity

Improving productivity with a CMMS is possible due to its user-friendly interface that can also be used on the phone while you’re out for a walk or running errands. This enables you to take timely actions, plan for the next day, and schedule things on the go. Improved productivity is essential for sectors like pharma and manufacturing, where time is a crucial commodity.

Real-Time Report Generation

One of the best advantages of using CMMS-based facility management is generating instant real-time reports of any parameter in facility management. Whether it is work order status, scheduling maintenance, budgeting, or status of complaints, using CMMS allows you to individually inspect any aspect of your business in real time at the click of a button. It also makes it easier to compare the current stats with historical data and understand the current status of work efficiency.

Manage Inventory Easily

Managing inventory can be the single most tedious task in facilities management. It consumes a lot of time and is the most common cause of errors and discrepancies. With a CMMS, managing inventory can become less time-consuming and automated. With enabling tracking of each product used or dispatched, maintaining an inventory free of errors can be possible. This can be a huge time saver for industries that use multiple spare parts.

Better Internal Communication

Most CMMS come with an internal communication network with all designated employees who can share their insights, raise issues with other departments, ask for help, update progress, and share documents easily. This makes it easier to communicate internally and creates an environment of synergy for the business.

Less Paperwork

Less paperwork is an added advantage of using a CMMS. It eliminates the need to create reports, send printed documents by hand to other departments, or even note any overhead costs, etc., for the future. With an efficient CMMS, all of these tasks can be done on the interface and require no or very little paperwork, saving precious time and money.

Easy Audit and Compliance with various regulatory standards

Auditing a facility becomes much easier with CMMS as every aspect can be monitored and made available at a simple click. This also enables an organization to implement better any regulatory standards set out by the government or requisite departments by creating custom standards in production, procurement, or maintenance.

Monitor your Business on a Single Screen

One of the best advantages of using CMMS-based facility management is the ease with which you can monitor your entire business on a single screen. Whether the departments are located or if they function at different schedules, getting an insight into any aspect of your business is easy with a CMMS. You can raise issues, ask for updates, monitor production, sales, accounting, maintenance, and much more right from the screen on your desk.


Managing a facility with competitive efficiency is essential for any business that wishes to scale the peaks of success. In such scenarios, CMMS can help provide you with that edge in facility management by organizing and managing the assets, maintaining the facility, managing human resources, improving communications, and real-time reporting. Then, with more complex business strategies and sophisticated equipment, leave the management and maintenance to the Best Facility Management Company in India like SMC India to manage CMMS and see your business grow.