Uberizing Hospital Operation

Uberizing Hospital Operations with iPorter

iBeacon-based Intelligent Porter Tracking and Hospital Management System to automate all service requests and job allocation with notable benefits like Improved productivity, Reduced labour cost, and Real-Time tracking of any type of Transport, Patient, Pharmacy, Wheelchair, or Stretcher.

How Does It Work?

iBeacon Based

Porter Tracking and Management Solution

Key Benefits

Improved Efficiency of Support Staff with IoT Technology
with Guaranteed Cost Savings

  • Improved

  • Patient outcomes
    & cost reduction

  • Real-time location
    & updates

  • Effective porter
    tracking &

  • Auto job

  • Intelligent analytics
    & reporting for

iPorter in Action

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    Once a team member goes online, requests are assigned based on proximity using iBeacon technology.
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    Porter location and task execution time are tracked.
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    The whole task completion journey is tracked with porter application.
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    Productivity reports are shared.

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