Next Generation Disinfection System

It’s Time to Advance Your Infection Prevention Practices

Ensure all high-touch points in your commercial space are sterile with our Antimicrobial Surface Treatment. One application with the scientifically validated treatment guarantees a Non-Penetrable Shield for 90 days. It doesn’t get wiped out by regular cleaning and friction. The chemicals used are colourless, odourless, and safe with no adverse effects. We also conduct a swab test post-cleaning to validate the efficacy of the treatment.

How Does It Work?

The antimicrobial technology we use has an active chemical that forms a protective bond with the products where it is used. This chemical penetrates and bonds with the layers of the object it’s applied to, which creates a protective and unbreakable shield for not less than 90 days.

Our Process

When an antimicrobial coating is applied to a surface, it will immediately form spores along the surface. These spores, in turn, rupture the capsid of the virus.

In the case of bacteria, they tend to rupture the cell wall as soon as the virus or the bacteria comes in contact with the surface.

This surface treated with antimicrobial composition stays sterile for approximately 90 days as it contains non-leaching antimicrobial polymers, which gives it a long-lasting effect.

It also contains methanol, a disinfectant & 3 (trimethoxysilyl) propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride along with the saline base that disrupts the growth and reproduction of microbes for a prolonged time.

Key Benefits

Why Choose Antimicrobial Surface Treatment?

  • Kills 19+ Types
    of Pathogens

    With this treatment, you can get rid of different types of dangerous & contagious viruses and pathogens such as H1N1 & SARS.

  • 90 Day

    This single solution helps keep your surfaces protected for 90 days. It does not get disrupted by regular friction or cleaning.

  • Suppress

    Backed by 25 year-old US patented technology, we ensure the complete safety of people with advanced protection against cross-contamination and surface contact transmission.

  • Proven

    The treatment is effective against tough viruses that usually escape regular microbial treatment.

  • Wear

    Completely resistant to regular cleaning. Offers all-day-long protection, thus boosting health and infection control.

  • Works on
    All Surfaces

    The treatment works on all kinds of metallic and non-metallic surfaces, for end-to-end coverage.

Scientific Performance Proof

Service Inspection & Scientific Evidence

The efficacy of our Anti-Microbial Treatment for 90 days can be verified by an ATP test.

ATP Meter Test Technology

  • Measures actively growing micro-organisms.
  • The unit of measurement is “RLU – Relative Light Units.”
  • Higher RLU results in higher micro-organisms.

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