Smart Surface Disinfection Program – H.K 2.0

Enhanced Smart Surface Disinfection Program Improves Efficiency & Offering Cost-Benefits

SMC Integrated Facility Management Solutions Limited  brings a specialized Smart Surface Disinfection Program (SSDP) powered by innovative management practices & groundbreaking technology. We substitute the traditional mop and bucket approach with intelligent resources planning leading to a standardized Facility Management outcome. Our program prioritizes Infection Control & Cross-Contamination with 5Ms- Man, Machine, Method, Measure & Material.

Janitor Cart - Smart Surface Disinfection Program

How Does It Work?

Transitioning from Conventional Cleaning Methods involving Mops
and Buckets to the Mechanized Smart Cleaning approach.

Key Benefits

Why Choose Smart Surface Disinfection Program?

  • Save Time
    and Effort

    ● Inventory on Wheels
    ● No wash/rinse – Duster/Mop

  • Reduced Cross

    ● Colour Coded Micro-Fiber Dusters
    ● One Room – One Mop

  • Improved Cleaning

    ● Micro-Fiber Dusters & Mops
    ● Improved Aesthetics of Cleaning

  • Save

    ● Pre-Soaked Mop Sleeves
    ● Pre-Soaked MF Dusters

  • Improved

    ● Fresh Duster for each cleaning
    ● Disinfected & Laundered – Mop & Dusters

  • Staff

    ● Less Fatigue to Janitors
    ● Sense of Pride using advanced tools

Scientific Performance Proof

Glo-Germ Test Technology

  • Gel is applied before cleaning
  • Supervisor inspects post cleaning
  • UV torch is used to inspect
  • Gel glows if disinfection is not done

ATP Meter Test Technology

  • Measures actively growing micro-organisms
  • The unit of measurement is “RLU – Relative Light Units”
  • Higher RLU results in higher micro-organisms

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