Enhance Your Customer Experience At Your Large Retail

The guest experience at the Mall has to be transformed, and cleaning has to elevate to hygiene. Ambient aesthetics to comfort air temperature brings in the wow effect.

Our technology backed industry First Facility Management Programs like Smart Surface Disinfection Program, Food Court Service Program, Washroom Management Program, IoT and AI-Based Intelligent Maintenance Management Program, IAQ, Antimicrobial Treatment, etc., not only redefine your customer experience and bring your operational cost down measurably but makes your property more future-ready.

“As per research, 69% of people have had a bad experience, and 55% of customers never even return to the retail outlet if the restroom conditions are poor.”

*as per the research done by Bradley Corporation

Innovating Facility Management For Retail Facilities

Facility Management in retail is no longer limited to cleaning, HVAC management and janitorial solutions. SMC Integrated Facility Management Solutions Limited enables smart Facility Management for the Retail Industry with our IoT based Asset operations and Maintenance system.

Our Integrated Facility Management solutions ensure an impeccable guest experience at every facility juncture with world-class solutions like IAQ, Anti-Microbia Treatment, SSDP, Smart HVAC Management, Washroom and Waste Management System; to name a few. Our predictive and preventive FM approach ensures an increase in the asset lifespan of the building and the infrastructure.

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