Propelling Your Residential Facilities to a Safe, Hygienic, and Professional Hospitality Standards

The way residential complexes are managed defines their residents’ experience and the property’s long-term value. Facility Management in a residential facility is not just limited to cleaning, janitorial solutions, or landscaping but includes a wide range of solutions like pest control, clubhouse management, technology-backed energy management, and optimization, to name a few.

At SMC Integrated Facility Management Solutions Limited , we transform the living spaces by Professional Club House and Facilities Solutions, App-Based Home Repair and Maintenance Solutions, Digitalize the Utilities Maintenance Management Program, Beautify the Grounds and Gardens, Family Oriented Event Management, and Professionally Managed Society Maintenance.

“Bringing a Paradigm Shift from from property
maintaince to hospitality experience

Innovating Facility Management For Residential Facilities

While health and safety are the most important concern for all the residents, we at SMC Integrated Facility Management Solutions Limited  ensure our surroundings are maintained to the highest levels of compliance. We designed the award-winning AI-based Portering Solutions replacing unplanned and untracked teams, and leap jumped in offering maintenance management solutions on AI-based digital applications, helping reduce energy and asset operations and maintenance costs.

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