Let Your Academic Environment Be A Home Away From Home For The Students.

Managing an educational institution can be an overwhelming task. A lot goes in the background to provide quality education to the students, teaching is just one of them. While you focus on delivering quality education and ensuring the complete development of students, we take ownership of your non-core business activities, like ensuring hygenie, saftey and securitiy of the premises.

As per research, disruption-free school buildings can increase teaching time and reduce teacher turnover rates by 25%, which overall increases students’ learning.”

*as per the research done by UNESCO

Innovating Facility Management For Education Facilities

Students aspire to study in a clean, green, hygienic, and safe environment. SMC Integrated Facility Management Solutions Limited has curated specialized programs for the educational industry based on intelligent surveillance & secure systems, smart IoT-based maintenance programs, hygenic washroom/classroom cleaning programs, and verified staffing solutions.

Our sophisticated mobile application provides enhanced security to the students by ensuring real-time communication and sharing updates between the parents, school, and students.

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