Computerised Maintenance Management System

Unlock High Performance Facility Management With Tech Enabled & Connected Workforce

CMMS can digitise and then automate, this is the need of every standard and smart buildings across.

CMMS transforms your facility into a smart, responsive, and productive environment. Managing labor contracts and uncovering blind spots across energy, assets, and maintenance expenditure will never be difficult & time-consuming.

With our fully mobile CMMS, planned and unplanned maintenance, Automating recurring work such as following up on overdue work orders, alerting teams when energy shoots up, figuring which team is available by when, and rummaging contact detail will be fast-tracked.

Our CMMS also helps in accurately getting the costs of your work order and thus entire planned maintenance. This provides a planned budget for the entire operational activities & delivers cost savings across Man/Material/Capex/Opex and more on Energy Savings and Energy Management.

Problems Of Traditional FM Services

  • Manual Delivery Approach

  • Only Manpower

  • Less/No Technology Intervention

  • Service Approach Without Solutions

  • Dependency On Paperwork For Documentation

  • No Digital Records, Real Time Data/Records

  • Data Accuracy & Speed Concern

  • Manual Data/Consumption Comparison & Analysis

  • Delayed Reporting and Problem Time Consuming

  • Dependency On Office For Data/Information

  • Operations Less Efficient & Landing Costly

Key Benefits

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