Indoor Air Quality

Commercial UV Air Sanitizer for Maintaining Hygienic Indoor Air Quality for Offices & Commercial Space

SMC Integrated Facility Management Solutions Limited Novel Ultraviolet Solution for Indoor Air Quality promises healthy indoors using Commercial Ultraviolet Air Sanitizer. This technology harnesses the power of UV-C rays to alter the DNA of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful microorganisms that limit their spread and maintain IAQ in your premises.

Historical Use of UV Light for Disinfection

For the past 100 years, science has recognized the bactericide effects of the ultraviolet area of the electromagnetic spectrum. Below are some key contributions over the years:


Downes and Blunt reported bacteria were inactivated by sunlight — violet blue spectrum most effective


Widmark confirmed UV rays from arc lamps were responsible for inactivation


Geisler used a prism and heliostat to show sunlight and electric arc lamps are lethal to Bacillus Typhosus


Banard and Morgan determined UV spectrum 226-328 nm is biocidal


Ehris and Noethling isolated biocidal spectrum to 253.7 nm


Riley proves effectiveness for Tb control


Arloing and Daclaux demonstrated sunlight killed Bacillus Anthracis and Tyrothrix Scaber


CDC acknowledges UV effectiveness for Tb control


WHO recommends UVGI for Tb control


UV-C used as part of the terminal cleaning procedure within the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit upon ebola patient discharge

Indoor Air Quality is an ongoing concern for organizations with the following characteristics:

How Does IAQ Work?


Key Benefits

  • Improved

    Our installed UVGI system does not allow any biofilm creation over the evaporator coil/ cooling coil’s surface. It effectively maintains better coil clearance to the flow of air, thus improving CFM on the floor.

  • Improved Indoor
    Air Quality

    Used air from the office floor, flowing through the duct and reaching AHU. The installed UVGI system at AHU disinfects this return air and improves the quality of supplied air on the working floor.

  • Reducing the
    Foul Odour

    UVGI with adequate UV intensity ensures nil residual odours post killing the microorganism from return air.

  • Energy Saving
    and Efficiency

    With our installed UVGI system, there is no biofilm/clog over the coil surface. Hence heat exchange goes high; thus the compressor target gets reduced to meet the required floor temperature. The AHU motor target also gets reduced with improved CFM to add energy savings.

  • Elevated Cooling

    Due to continuous UV exposure of the cooling coil, there is zero biofilm/dust/fungi generation over the coil surface, thus keeping the coil clean and allowing optimum heat exchange. It improves the cooling efficiency

  • Total Germicidal

    The high-quality UVGI installation maintains adequate UV dose, thus ensuring highly effective Germicidal Eradication.

Our Solutions

UVGI Disinfection (Ultra Duct)

Ultra-Duct helps in treating the air inside the duct, also reducing the possibilities of microbiological germinations.

It works by restricting any virus to obtain living cells for mutation inside the duct. Since the ducts attract moisture inside the AHU duct, this causes a rise in the germination of Fungi, Bacteria, Germs, and many other biological microorganisms. This sufficiently contaminates the air flowing through the duct. With Ultra-Duct, no contaminants pass through the air and plague indoor air.

The contaminants from the work floor and air duct are added to the indoor air during cooling. These contaminants are hazardous to human beings. When such contaminants enter human lungs, it carries with them flu/respiratory disorder germs that result in diseases like asthma, chronic cough, fatigue, etc.

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